"Dear Boss, I Quit"
30 Days Challenge

 We Will Get You Out of the Time-Wasting Job You Hate to Achieving the Money-Making Goals You Want!

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In 30 Days, You Will Be on Your Way to Financial Freedom!


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Client's Problem:
Client wanted to be pursue her passion and became a Daycare Owner/ Administrator
Our Solution:
We Helped her Purchase the Daycare Business and Facility 

Who's NEXT??!!! 

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Some Benefits of This Challenge


You will receive a comprehensive strategy book offering actionable steps to aid in the process of resigning from your jobs and transitioning to new opportunities.


We feature a series of special workshops led by our instructors and guest professionals.


You will receive personalized guidance, accountability, and expertise to help you unlock your potential, overcome challenges, and achieve money-making goals.

Your Personal Success Coach 

Dr. Claire A. Rene, MBA

As a business owner, mother, and college professor, Dr. Claire Rene has triumphed over adversity to establish herself in her field, a journey that inspired her to empower women worldwide. Recognizing the need to assist women transitioning from unfulfilling jobs to lucrative opportunities, she now focuses on mentoring aspiring female CEOs, drawing from her experience mentoring in both academic and corporate settings. With Dr. Rene, you'll find inspiration, education, and guidance to propel you forward, ensuring your investment in yourself yields significant returns – because you are the ultimate ROI!!!
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